Receive Cashback by

Shopping Local

Shop Local Rewards gets you cashback on food, beauty, groceries, fashion and more.


Put that cashback in your wallet.

Flash your phone, receive a cashback.

It’s that simple.

No linking cards, no bank details, no uploading receipts.

With our app, you receive cashback every time you shop at your favourite local business.

Build your balance or redeem anytime.

Every Transaction supports Children’s Charities


Reward your customer the way you want.

The Shop Local Rewards App gives businesses like yours control over how you reward your loyal customers.

A. You choose your percentage of cashback that you give and can be altered as often as you like from backoffice.

B. The system builds your own unique customer database ideal for marketing purposes.

C. Cashback is tax deductible and the system provides you with the data for revenue.

D. It’s 5 times cheaper to retain a customer by rewarding them -than it is to attract a new one.

Customers with rewards spend on average 37% more per transaction.