Rewarding Customers for Shopping Local

How It Works

For Customer

For Businesses


Advantages of a Loyalty System

  • Once you have downloaded the App and registered all you have to do is scan the next time you are in a Shop Local Rewards participating Business.

  • You will now start receiving cashback on every purchase you make in that business.

  • You can accumulate this cashback and use it to treat yourself later or use it against your very next purchase at that business.
  • Every time you scan your Shop Local Rewards App – A donation is made to a Local Children’s Charity.
  • You can make a booking/appointment for your favourite beauty/nail or restaurant direct from the App
  • You can order deliveries or collections from restaurants/ delis or food outlets.
  • The App gives you direct access to that businesses own website to view promotions or new products.
  • Remember Shopping Local preserves local jobs and local communities.
  • Remember that customers that shop in your business are your customers – so don’t let a third party retain their details and possibly share with competitors.

  • With Shop Local Rewards – Every time a customer scans the App – they are automatically recorded on your new unique database only.

  • While the customer sees the reward as cashback – To the business its only the cost of goods to that value.

  • Examples: If a customer ordered €100 worth of food delivery and asked you to throw in a free bag of chips – Would You – Or if a customer agreed to pay for 10 beauty treatments in advance on the condition that you gave them the 11 one free – Would You – In both these examples, you will have taken in that €100 order or received payment for the 10 treatment – Before you give the reward to the customer.
  • There is no costly hardware required – Setup is Free – No minimum contract period – software cost €1.50 per day.
  • This App is not only a rewards App – It’s a ordering Platform for customers – It’s a Booking Platform for customers – It gives customers quick access to your website.

Savings for Businesses

Because we bring all the above features under one App,

  • You will make huge savings on what you pay your existing ordering/booking platform providers.
  • We can reduce you costs of on-line ordering to 5%.
  • We can reduce your on-line booking cost to a flat fee of €20 per month (unlimited Bookings)
  • Once a Month direct email marketing to your new customer base with your unique promotions only.
  • The above cost includes a donation made to local children’s charity in your name every month.

Why do Multinational retail have Loyalty systems?

Because they know it’s 5 times cheaper to reward a customer and increase that customers spend in the business than it is to attract a new customer.

By having a customer database unique to your business – It means that when you email that customer with promotions etc once a month – you are reinforcing your businesses brand and reminding the customer of your existence and value.

One App

The customer has to carry only one App that will access thousands of local businesses that reward them for supporting that business.

While there is only one customer App – Each business has there own unique Backoffice platform

that they alone can access and make changes too and retrieve analytics from.

Shop Local Rewards brings this state of the art loyalty system that is compatible with those of the

multinationals into the hands of small/medium businesses owners that will save them money on monthly basis.