Learn More about Shop Local Rewards

One customer App with access to thousands of businesses.

Shop Local Rewards is a unique App that rewards customers with cashback for shopping local while at the same time provides the customer with quick access to that business. For beauty bookings, food deliveries or collections or on-line shopping from that business own website.

With cashback, the customer can let the funds build up and then cash in for that special treat or use against their next purchase. Instead of just getting a reward point for buying that coffee and waiting until you have 8 to get that reward of free coffee. But with Shop Local Rewards you get rewarded not alone for that coffee but also for that muffin or sandwich you bought, and your reward is instant in the form of cashback.

Customers can download the Shop Local Rewards App from App Store or Google Play Free of Charge.

Click here to view video of how the Shop Local Rewards App works by watching the video.